The latest Medium app updates and design changes help you focus on the words

The Medium app is designed for people who love to read. Period. And that means our team is constantly working on ways to improve the way you experience stories on the app (on iOS and Android), whether it’s on your morning commute or cozied up in bed at the end of the day.

We always appreciate when readers tell us which features they love and which could use some polish, so we’ve made a few important updates over the past month to help you focus on the story — and not so much the screen.

For your eyes only: adjust type size, brightness, and night mode

Stories on Medium should challenge…

A more detailed explanation of why the Medium app started crashing for users running iOS 11

On Tuesday, September 20, the mobile team released version 3.3 of the Medium iOS app to the App Store. That same day, Apple released the official version of iOS 11 to the world. Through an unfortunate combination of factors, the app started crashing on launch for users running iOS 11. The official postmortem for that crash can be found here. The goal of this post is to dive deeper into the technical details of what caused the crash.

When the Medium iOS app launches, it makes a network request to the /_/ios/config endpoint to authenticate the session for the current…

A few weeks ago I attended NSNorth, a small, single track, iOS developer conference in Toronto. The talks were mostly non-technical and focused on subjects related to developing great apps. Topics ranged from how designers and developers can work more effectively together to which features were added to UIKit in iOS 9. Here are the top lessons that I learned while at the conference (in the form of a listicle!):

1. Technology is just a tool

This is a theme that came up in several talks, including the keynote. We have a tendency to focus on technology as an end in and of itself. We all…

Eugenia Dellapenna

VP, Product Engineering @Medium

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